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WordPress development

In fact, WordPress is not just a blogging system. It’s the latest and greatest web content publishing platform with a clear focus on SEO, user experience and rich look. It’s a leading choice of a CMS for corporate websites, marketing and promo websites, news and content publishing portals. We use WordPress extensively, starting from small blogging websites to large media portals. Our team have developed a set of plugins and themes which are published on EnvatoMarket.As WordPress developers, we can’t ignore such a great e-commerce plugin as WooCommerce. Launched on September 27, 2011, this plugin quickly gained popularity for its simplicity of installation and customization as well as being free by nature. By the 2nd week of March 2015, WooCommerce had been running on 24% of e-commerce sites online with the total of downloads reaching 6.7 million.WooCommerce is a cost-effective, lightweight platform to power online stores. A lot of retail companies are choosing this platform to start and grow their e-commerce businesses.